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So what's the story of Rockin'ola?

Rockin'ola Granola was created for kids as an incredibly fun WHOLE GRAIN snack or breakfast cereal made of flavorful granola clusters with tasty mini-marshmallows!

Snack Fact:

Snacking has become such a big part of life, particularly for kids. According to Technomic's "Dining Habits of Tweens and Teens", 60% of 8-9 year olds, 47% of 10-12 year olds, and 38% of teens snack daily.

A message from our Founder:
Hi, and thanks for visiting our website!

I admit I am a lifelong food and nutrition fanatic.  Having spent most of my 30 year journey in the corporate world as a Food Industry Ingredient Specialist, I felt it was time to unleash my passion and entrepreneurial creativity.  By combining my experience as a Food Scientist and educational foundation in Nutrition (Michigan State University - Go Green!), I was determined to develop a fun product, both nutritious and delicious.  

Healthy eating habits are important to establish early in life. Kids are typically exposed to many "not so nutritious" options for snacking, and it is essential to have wholesome healthful snack choices available that they will enjoy. Offering nutritious snack choices in school is a great way to introduce these healthy options.

A quick bite

Convenience and portability are more and more important with the expansion of "breakfast in the classroom" options and afterschool snacks.....Rockin'ola Granola makes the perfect 1 Bread/Grain companion to Yogurt, Milk, or Fruit!!

With that in mind, my goal was to create a whole grain product from which the schools (and the kids!) would benefit, while meeting the new 2014 USDA "Nutrition Standards in the School Lunch and School Breakfast Program" requirements for more whole grains. I was thinking "awesome 'kid' flavors of healthy granola"… 100% whole grain, without any HFCS, or unhealthy fats, Allergen friendly, low in sodium...and,  after combining really fun mini-marshmallows with yummy crunchy granola clusters, an incredible new product was born -- and it really ROCKS!!

And, yes, a 1.1 oz serving of Rockin'ola qualifies as a 1 oz equivalent Creditable Grain for the Child Nutrition Programs.  AND it meets the new “Smart Snacks in School” ruling.  Additionally, Rockin’ola complies with HUSSC and Alliance for a Healthier Generation Competitive Foods Guidelines.

Rockin'ola Granola was tested, and APPROVED, by students. And, even though Rockin'ola was developed originally for kids, adults are crazy about it, too!

Available in several awesome NUT FREE flavors:

Chocolate -- with Mini-Marshmallows

Strawberry -- with Mini-Marshmallows

Chocolate -- No Marshmallows, 1oz and 2oz pouch

Strawberry -- No Marshmallows, 1oz and 2oz pouch

Cinnamon -- 1oz and 2oz pouch

PRO Protein Granola -- 1.5oz pouch = 1 M/MA + 1 Grain

Sun-Berry Trail Mix -- 2.16oz pouch = 1 M/MA + 1/2 c. Fruit

Espresso -- coming soon!!

So, please enjoy Rockin'ola …..Granola Snacks that Rock!

Marianne Sargent 



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  • Featured Flavor

    Choco Berry


    Our Chocolate flavor is a combination of rich chocolate granola goodness with mini-marshmallows. It's perfect with yogurt!